Xerxes Qados / Zack Green (xerxesqados) wrote in macosxdev,
Xerxes Qados / Zack Green

Coding in D on Leopard

Anyone know how to use an IDE with the Leopard version of the GNU D Compiler and the Tango library? D seems like a very interesting language and I'd like to learn it, but after installing Tango with GDC, Code::Blocks wouldn't compile the Hello World example.

I did find an XCode 2.5 plugin for GDC, though. Haven't tried it yet since I only have XCode 3 installed. Are there any Leopard-specific advantages that I'll be missing if I program my D projects in 2.5?
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I never saw any advantages for coding in D in 2.5 versus 3.0. I say go ahead with it.

(That said, take what I say with a grain of salt, as I've been coding in D using solely the command line and TextMate.)