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is it bug or not?

 So, i made class which replaced my Window.

I used initWithContentRect for re-drawing my Window interface (i just removed close, minimize, maximize buttons and removed titlebar)

so, in my app i using webView which load html page with flash, and after using initWithContentRect method my flash cannot get mouse events, for example - my flash has button and in normal mode button is pressing, but after using this method button doesn't pressing

i used the next:

- (id)initWithContentRect:(NSRect)contentRect 

styleMask:(unsigned int)aStyle 


defer:(BOOL)flag {

NSSize size = [[NSScreen mainScreen] frame].size;

    self = [super initWithContentRect:NSMakeRect(0, 0, size.width, size.height)




if(self) {

[self setLevel: NSStatusWindowLevel];

[self setHasShadow: NO];

[self setMovableByWindowBackground:YES];


    return self;



- (BOOL) canBecomeKeyWindow


    return YES;


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My guess is that you also need to override acceptsMouseMovedEvents to return YES or call setAcceptsMouseMovedEvents:YES.

By default, NSWindow instances don't accept mouse moved events and distribute them to the responder chain.
unfortunately, it doesn't work(
i added line: [self setAcceptsMouseMovedEvents:YES];

but i still can't get mouse events within my app
so, i've found the bug.

when i launch my application it doesn't work. if i switch to another app and return to my app, events are working. do u know how to solve it?

Deleted comment

thank you, already done)