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New to Mac and to Mac programming

I have never used Xcode but have recently upgraded to Snow Leopard.  My background is mostly in C and Pascal.  I have programmed in C for 3 years, in Pascal for 4 years and in PHP for 3 yeas.  But all of that was about 10 yeas ago.  I haven't written a program since.  Lately I've been interested in programming on the Mac and there is a specific application I would like to build.  Problem is I'm not sure where to begin.  I have just figured out that Xcode comes on the installation DVD so I have installed it and I see that it comes with some tutorials.  Is that where I begin?  Is there a better place?  Is there a standard set of tutorials somewhere on the web? 
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You need to grab a book. You C & Pascal do not prepare you for the evolution of programming you need to learn. You need to get comfortable with the paradigms of Object Oriented programming, the Model-View-Controller Paradigm and then you still need to get to know the Apple User Interface framework and Objective-C.

For the last part, I recommend I-Tunes U and the Stanford U Lectures on Apple or iphone development. I had a terrible time getting over the OOP hump.
Also, get a free Apple Developer account to download the latest version of XCode, etc.
I registered. thank you. :)
I forgot - I believe they also made all the WWDC videos free downloads. On the ADC site you'll eventually find a link that will lead you into a developer section inside of iTunes where you can download them. Tons of good stuff in there.

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I am mostly interested in programming for the Macintosh platform, I don't care that much about Windows nor Unix. So I should stick with objective-C then and learn it as best as I can. Thank you.