Latest Xcode 3?

Edit: I found a working link by fishing around some more:

Bizarrely, the first time I downloaded it, it appeared to finish - but gave me a corrupt file notice when I tried to open the .dmg. The second time worked; the correct file size, if anyone cares, is 4443150993, with an md5 of 53d9e56fcf2c5997bfcccbf08bcba3d8.

Fink for Snow Leopard requires the latest Xcode < 4. says at the bottom "Looking for Xcode 3? Download Now" — with the last two words being a link to Which link takes me (and has, consistently, for the last two days) to (directly if I'm logged in; by way of a login page if I"m not).

This is not useful.

Does anyone have a working download URL for the latest Xcode 3?

Thanks in advance!

Edit 2011-12-01: I get spambot comments on this every few weeks, and doubt very much I'm going to see any real ones, so I'm locking it.

Mac App Store weirdness

I'm having trouble with XCode and the Mac App Store. Has anyone else had similar problems?

I purchased XCode 4.0.1 from the Mac App Store. It installed just fine and I was able to use it. Today, I look at the Purchases tab of the Mac App store, and it shows that XCode has an update, although there are no updates showing in the Update tab. When I click the Update button, I get a dialog that says "You have updates available for other accounts. To update this application, sign in to the account you used to purchase it." As far as I can tell, I *am* signed into the account I used to purchase XCode 4.0.1. I've even checked the email receipt *AND* the purchase history in iTunes. I've tried logging out and logging back in, with no luck. I have even just now deleted my entire Developer folder, and tried again without any change. (This is also happening with the Trillian application, but I'm not using that app, so I don't care that much about it. I just want my updated XCode!)

Anyone have thoughts about what I can do or try to resolve this issue? I have a ticket in with Customer Support, but I'm still working with first level support (yay) and am hoping to escalate it to someone who can help with the issue. But given the turn-around time with customer support, I'm feeling somewhat impatient. :-)

New to Mac and to Mac programming

I have never used Xcode but have recently upgraded to Snow Leopard.  My background is mostly in C and Pascal.  I have programmed in C for 3 years, in Pascal for 4 years and in PHP for 3 yeas.  But all of that was about 10 yeas ago.  I haven't written a program since.  Lately I've been interested in programming on the Mac and there is a specific application I would like to build.  Problem is I'm not sure where to begin.  I have just figured out that Xcode comes on the installation DVD so I have installed it and I see that it comes with some tutorials.  Is that where I begin?  Is there a better place?  Is there a standard set of tutorials somewhere on the web? 
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AppleScriptObjC info

If anyone is interested in the changes Apple made to using AppleScript with Cocoa in Snow Leopard, I've been copying some of the posts from my "real" site on to my LJ. If you don't know, nor care what AppleScriptObjC is, that's cool too. (posting on a few different Mac-communities)

What are the costs/fees to call from a land line that has only local calling to long distance numbers (within U.S.A.) ??

Do you have already have Google Voice (Y/N)? y
If so, do you have a Google number (Y/N)?y

Post your question or report below (please include specific details and error messages, if applicable):
What are the costs/fees to call from a land line that has only local calling to long distance numbers (within U.S.A.) ?? i.e.- where it says call (the call button from my web browser) ...and where it says: 
"Google will call your phone and connect you for free (in the US)
Call: __________________ enter a number
Phone to ring
drop-down menu of places to call.
Another question I have.. Is there a fee/cost from your land line provider (that only can make local calls...our phone only makes local calls...) ...... in order to make a call from a land line (that makes only local calls) another state, in otherwords long distance??
If I wanted to make calls from a land line that only makes local calls, to another state, in other words, long distance, how can I do this free??
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Graboid for MAC?!

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but it's worth a shot. Anyone know if there is a Graboid similar program for Mac? Or if there is Windows based program, out there that can allow me to run Graboid on my Mac. If it matters, I'm running a Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard. TIA.

Java preferences is doing something I don't understand

I'm running Snow Leopard, with Java 1.4.2, 5.0, and 6 installed.

Java Preference can switch between them, as evidenced by running "java -version".
However, if I have JAVA_HOME set, java 6 is the only version that is selected. This is with JAVA_HOME set to /Library/Java/Home as recommended by Apple.

[kujawa@dhcp-0-244 ~]$ java -version
java version "1.4.2_21"
Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.4.2_21-b01-324)
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.4.2-92, mixed mode)
[kujawa@dhcp-0-244 ~]$ setjhome 
[kujawa@dhcp-0-244 ~]$ echo $JAVA_HOME
[kujawa@dhcp-0-244 ~]$ java -version
java version "1.6.0_15"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_15-b03-219)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 14.1-b02-90, mixed mode)