guberif (guberif) wrote in macosxdev,

Hello, seeking some help with sdk files

Howdy, I've been doing various mac-ish cross platform things lately and I've got a real stumbling block. I need some files from the xcode 3.0 sdk, which I have from the dev site, but I'm stuck without a mac.

I haven't been able to find tools that will let me extract the xcode 3.0 dmg, it seems to be in a different style than the 2.5 sdk dmg which I can extract under windows and linux. What I really need is a copy of the /usr/include bundled in the DevSDK and the gcc package. I don't need binaries, just the headers.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Yes, I'd love to get a mac, but that's not right now ;).

Thank you.
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Deleted comment

Thanks, I managed to rustle some up.
Oh, and I mean in a similar way, from somebody, not publicly available or I'd post where.
Just a shot in the dark here, but have you tried dmg2img already?
Thanks for the reply, and I managed to get the headers

yeah, unfortunately not enough love with dmg2image either:

Xcode 2.5:
dmg2img v0.3a is derived from dmg2iso by vu1tur (

downloads/xcode25_8m2558_developerdvd.dmg --> downloads/xcode25_8m2558_developerdvd.img

reading property list, 5740 bytes from address 946762240 ...

opening partition 0 ... ok
opening partition 1 ... ok
opening partition 2 ... ok
Segmentation fault

And 3.0
dmg2img v0.3a is derived from dmg2iso by vu1tur (

xcode3.0.dmg --> xcode3.0.img

reading property list, 4037018632 bytes from address 4037018632 ...
ERROR: not enough memory

Maybe the second situation is fixable but it'd be a major distraction.