Sebastian (塞巴斯蒂安) / 饒漢文 (vorpal) wrote in macosxdev,
Sebastian (塞巴斯蒂安) / 饒漢文

iCal subscriptions?

Hi all,

I'm writing an application that will generate a calendar, but the information will not be complete and will continue to update every week or so with new events in the future.

I've noticed that iCal is able to "subscribe" to Address Book to maintain a calendar of birthdays of contacts, and it seems like something akin to this would be ideal for my purposes; if iCal could subscribe in this way, then it would be perfect to keep track of the events and what not.

My question is: is there a way to do this, or is the fact that iCal subscribes to Address Book simply an internal thing that Apple allows that isn't available to other applications? Any ideas?

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Deleted comment

Yup... having played around with iCal's subscribe feature, I was annoyed to find it would accept ftp and http but not file based URLs :(. In this case, the calendar will (likely) always be local, as with Address Book.

Cool... thanks for the heads up on CalDEV. It might be an abuse of design (as it's not "social sharing") for my application to modify existing local calendars, but if this allows it to, that will be fantastic.
so run apache locally and have it go to http://localhost/calendar