Alex (yakshaver) wrote in macosxdev,

Latest Xcode 3?

Edit: I found a working link by fishing around some more:

Bizarrely, the first time I downloaded it, it appeared to finish - but gave me a corrupt file notice when I tried to open the .dmg. The second time worked; the correct file size, if anyone cares, is 4443150993, with an md5 of 53d9e56fcf2c5997bfcccbf08bcba3d8.

Fink for Snow Leopard requires the latest Xcode < 4. says at the bottom "Looking for Xcode 3? Download Now" — with the last two words being a link to Which link takes me (and has, consistently, for the last two days) to (directly if I'm logged in; by way of a login page if I"m not).

This is not useful.

Does anyone have a working download URL for the latest Xcode 3?

Thanks in advance!

Edit 2011-12-01: I get spambot comments on this every few weeks, and doubt very much I'm going to see any real ones, so I'm locking it.
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